Are you tired of hearing the same old rhythm?
The Tango, the Rhumba, and the Foxtrot, Bolero and the rest.
I, for one, am thoroughly fed up with 'em.
I just found a new one, such an easy to do one,
that I'm sure you'll like the best.
Circle the floor till you get dizy 'magine you've just had a gin,
Fissy, get in the fun,
Do the Run A Round.
I recommend it when blues ail you.
You can depend that it won't fail you,
You'll find the sun.
Do the Run A Round.
It's got that thing that makes you hot when you're cold,
That certain thing that makes you young when you're old,
So pick out a partner and go,
To it you'll get a thrill when you do, do, do it.
Oodles of fun.
Do the Run A Round.