There's a guy way up in Harlem, Who is known to ev'ryone And his father's name was Mendel, So they called him Mendel's Son.

For he plays that old pianer, In a certain kind of manner, And the people stay till break of day, As he swings the hours away.

At a high brow kind of sing song, You have heard the famous Spring Song, Did you ever lift your feet To Mendel's Son's Swing Song?

There is so much rythm in it That you can't stop for a minute, When you hear the low down beat Of Mendel's Son's Swing Song.

First you feel if in your ankles As it creeps up to your knees, Then it gets you in the shoulders And you start to swing with ease.

You get hot beneath the collar And you want to stamp and holler, It's a treat to lift your feet To Mendel's Son's Swing Song.