I was the type who would laugh at romance
Called it a lot of "Chop Suey"
I was finished with that sort of "Hooey."
But we never learn, do we?
My point of view is completely reversed,
I find that I'm just as "Screwey."

It's love again, It's love again.
I'll shout it from the housetops
Up above again,
That state of sweet inanity
That borders on insanity,
It's love again.
I feel the urge again to merge again
And melodies of love
Within me surge again:
So if I choose to rest my chin
With passion on a violin it's love again.
Love is the thing
That makes a bull and heifer feel
Just like an airy zephyr breeze.
Love is an effervescent drink
That makes a Cockney coster
Think he's Viennese.
It feels like Spring again
I'll sing again
And be just like a vine
That has to cling again.
So if I wax poetic,
Be a little sympathetic,
For it's love again.