Most ev'ry where you go,
When lights are soft and low,
Orchestra starts to play,
Melodies make you sway,
Leaving all cares behind,
Laughter is what you find,
Sweethearts telling love tales
And just hoping dreams come true,
After the day is done,
Two hearts just beat as one,
Two pair of loving eyes,
Two hearts with loving sighs,
Dancing around the floor,
Vowing for evermore,
Building their castles just like lovers do.
Dancing shadows here,
Dancing shadows there,
Dancing ev'rywhere,
Not a bit to care,
Dancing so merrily,
Happy as they can be,
Nothing to make them blue,
Dancing the whole night thro',
Dancing shadows here,
Dancing shadows there,
Gliding ev'rywhere,
While the bright lights glare,
What are they thinking of?
Nothing but love, just love,
Music has charm'd those
Dancing Shadows too.